We maintain a stock of basic materials — we've learnt it's pointless and needlessly expensive to stock all variants of everything, so rely upon a network of companies who can supply our needs within 36 hours of ordering (ie. ordering before noon for next-day delivery). Materials we keep in regular stock are plywoods, MDFs and regular Perspex types. We also keep in a variety of paper and card stocks as well as stencilling materials such as oiled card, acetates and Rowmark Lucent (for sturdier stencils).

Materials such leather and fabrics tend to be very client and job specific, so along with anything else we think will work in the laser, you're more than welcome to provide and send along your own stuff — this includes pre-made items which you may wish branding or marking in some way.

Laser Cutting

Ply/Wood (0.8, 1.5, 3, 4 & 6mm)

Clean cuts, best masked if not finishing (eg. sanding or painting) afterwards

MDF (2, 3, 4, 6mm)

Beautiful constructional material

Perspex (upto 8mm)

Most coloured, opacified & textured types come in 3 & 5mm thicknesses

Transparent acrylic plastic comes in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6mm+ thicknesses

In 2mm we additionally have black and white acrylic perspex, although this is [annoyingly] more expensive than the 3mm-thick equivalent

Paper & Card

As a general all-rounder, we stock Daler-Rowney Canford Card in various colours at 300gsm

Beyond basic cuts, paper and card tends to be very specific for each use, so we can order in or are happy to work with client-supplied materials

Leather & Suede

Leathers up to about 3mm thickness cut beautifully and anything thicker than that can be tested to ensure a good finish. Thick leathers risk carbonised edges, so depending upon form a guide cut can be used in place, finished with a scalpel. We're happy to try a test piece if not sure.


Synthetics tend to cut with a bonded edge, and non-synthetics with a slightly browned edge, the extent of which is a function of thickness and type - eg. silk or chiffon will cut quite cleanly, whereas thick linen will 'feature' a hevay ochre edge. We cannot cut vinyl-based materials such as PVC

Stencilling Materials

We mostly cut with 'oiled stencil card' which is ideal for most jobs and economical, but can also cut sturdier longer usage ones out of a modified acrylic plastic called Lucent, or acetates (which we don't favour but are still requested)

Laser Etching/Marking


Plys and woods can be beautifully surface-etched, with a particular benefit for graphic-based designs, but are also great with burnt-looking aesthetics, pushing things beyond normal parameters


MDF can be beautifully surface-etched and work well for graphic-based designs

Acrylic (Perspex)

Perspex can be beautifully surface-etched, with a particular benefit for graphic-based designs, or contexts where a simpler deeper etch might be side-lit, etc. 'Glowing edge' or Fluro perspex look particularly good here.


Leather tends to brand very well - as a rule of thumb, thicker leathers etch better than ones such as Napa, which can bunch with heat. Pecularities with leather can be dealt with, but are context-dependent.

Anodised aluminium

Tends to mark with a light, white colouration, including 'plain' natural-looking aluminium

Stamping rubber

We stock a standard low-smell rubber suitable for standard water-based inks, but can order-in 'green' rubber or material better-suited to oil-based stamping

Card & Paper

This is a tricky environment, entirely dependent upon the material and end-requirement - generally papers and cards etch to a light/ochre finish. This is one of those materials we need to work closely with the client

Client-supplied items & Pieces

We don't do computers or expensive designer gear, but we do do gifts and repeatable not-too-costly items. Enquire for more specific information.

If you don't see what you're wanting on the list here — please enquire and we'll give you a swift answer.

We DO:
Try things that we might not have tried before, as long as we don't think they'll destroy the machine or kill us.

Cut metal or work with vinyl-based materials such as PVC or leatherette.
Mark or etch into high-value items like laptops or very expensive Louis Vuitton luggage... .


Send enquiries, along with files and any material & quantity specifications to:

Filetypes for completed designs:
Laser-cut: Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Vector PDF, CAD*.
Laser-etch: High res bitmaps including PSD, BMP, JPG, TIFF etc.
Laser cutting & Etching is best done with Adobe Illustrator/EPS or CAD.

Click here to download a template for Adobe illustrator.

For outline sketches etc:
JPG or a camera phone pic will suffice.

* Please save DWG files (etc) in a legacy 2004 format, bound by a 900x600mm rectangle.

We do not cut metal.
No, really—we can't!

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