Below is a selection of images from jobs done over the years. We're not wonderful photographing our work as it tends to get done and sent out ASAP. These photos are mostly ‘first proofs’, taken in the studio to show clients the progression or development of their ideas.

Branded hangers
— Client supplied items
— Good example of a tricky shape
Event branding on bamboo Skewers
— Client specified items, sourced by us
— Good example of a tricky, incosistent shape
300gsm Card Cutting
— Fine-detailing
— Artwork converted from rough sketch
Wedding envelope
— Envelope size and form designed by us
— Artwork converted from drawings
Small detailing in single flute corrugated board
— Prototyping for an artist
— Artwork converted to halftone by us
Name tags for table positions
— Artwork converted from sketch
Cut outs revealing coloured underlayer
Artistic paper-cutting
— Multi-layered prototype shown
— Artist: Kevin J Stanton, available here
Artistic paper-cutting
— Small special edition run
— Artist: Linda Toigo
Etched metallic-effect paper
— In-house graphic design
Wedding invite outer folds
— Client-supplied recycled card stock
— Multiple test-iterations worked-through with client
Wedding Place Names
— 180gsm white card stock
— Original design iterated in software and cutting 'til it worked
Print-registered PoS pieces for Cole & Son
— Multi-piece two-sided print cuts
— Threeway liaising between client, ourselves and an excellent printer
Components for Monty Python-related TV show
Our firstest-ever animation job
— Hundreds of unique print-registered pieces
Water bottle branding
— Cylindrical etch
— Anodised aluminium Marking
Glass-etching, terrible photo
— Cylindrical etch
— Designed in-house
Artistic etching
— On scratchboard (delicate!)
— Artist: Nicolas Delort
Mountboard etching
— Warm, light ochre reveal
A jig for a complex and fragile paper cut job
— “A job that makes a job”
— Mitigates certain cardstocks getting heatmarks
Item marking of astandard shapes
— Anodised aluminium smart bike light
Cut and etched leather fob
— 2mm thick hide leather
Cut and etched leather tag
— 2mm thick hide leather

Cut and branded leather wallet net
— Pre-laid sewing holes
Oodles of cut MDF bird profiles
— 2mm MDF

Etched and marked MDF record divider
— 600dpi etching (twice typical print quality)

Cut MDF build component
— Masked vs. unmasked

MDF Wedding feature
— Pre-finished, so slight burn marks (still pretty!)
— Fixed typography to work well and created stand in-house
3mm MDF Wall feature
— Cut and stained outer with raw remnant insert
3mm MDF pieces
— Cut, stained then etched
— Designed in-house
Display stand in 4mm MDF
— Cut and stained
— Designed in-house
Cut and stained MDF wall feature
— Simple slight relief graphics are very satisfying
Perspex barrel monkeys
— Based design on ™'d content and modified for purpose
— Five shown here - there were hundreds more. Terrifying.
Perspex jewellery
— Pearlescent Perspex
— Very tight detail. Smaller items here are barely 1cm wide
Perspex jewellery, bagged tagged and ready to go
Perspex cut and etched shell for music widgetry
— Matte Black and Glowing Edge Perspex work well together
Test seal, cut and etched from clear Perspex
...which ultimately became this
Cut and etched Perspex signage
— Clear Perspex with a coloured underlay
Glowing edge / Fluoro letters... so small!

Glowing edge acrylic plastic award
— Etched graphics
— Wee stand designed in-house
Door lettering for a restaurant
— Clear Perspex, painted one side before cutting
— Results in offset relief on vertical surfaces
Multi-material Logo
— White Perspex sandwiching synthetic red felt
— Features a neat internal, hidden fixing mechanism
Plywood letter hang
— Plain and simple
— Beautiful
Minimalistically-etched antique Japanese plywood
— 50s era material with a 21st century treatment
— Clear, multi-piece, Perspex sprayed in a brand-coherent finish
— Wall fixtures epoxy-bonded to rear. Light, but solid.
Bespoke plywood jigsaw
— A tricky one - required a specific number of pieces at a certain size
— Offset grain and non-interchangable pieces
— Cut and etched plywood
— And they say Santa ain't real
Plywood cutting for a Kickstarter project
— Pre-screenprinted and masked pieces
— Many sets cut, we improved material efficiency by about 15%
High detail on 1.5mm plywood

Menu and drinks boards
— Stained and cut plywood

Lightweight signage
— Stained and etched plywood
— As seen at The Fringe!
Restaurant offer tokens
— Each one of these = One glass Champagne
— Stained, etched then cut 3mm plywood
Restaurant Signage
— Stained plywood with tightly-embedded matte Perspex
— Trés sexy in person
Etched slate
— Slate is surprisingly delicate to work with
Etched slate, high detail
— Hard to see here, but this was slightly texture-mapped
Oversized die
— Marking of complex handmade form
Wooden donor plaques
— Etched into [uncured!] slices of a beloved tree
— Each piece a different size and shape
Wood slice awards
Cedar Moth Repellers
— Terrible, terrible photo

Etched Plywood

Cut snap'n'piece prototype, designed in-house

Etched painted metal
Multi layer stencils cut out of oiled manila card
Etched leather item
High resolution etched quality card stock
Anodised aluminium ablation
Rear-side etched mirror
Etching branding into oddly-shaped things
Cutting out of printed shapes
Cardboard nets for prototyping and fun
High levels of cut detail in 1.5mm plywood


Send enquiries, along with files and any material & quantity specifications to: ewen@lasermake.co.uk.

Filetypes for completed designs:
Laser-cut: Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Vector PDF, CAD*.
Laser-etch: High res bitmaps including PSD, BMP, JPG, TIFF etc.
Laser cutting & Etching is best done with Adobe Illustrator/EPS or CAD.

Click here to download a basic size template for Adobe illustrator.

For outline sketches etc:
JPG or a camera phone pic will suffice.

* Please save DWG files (etc) in a legacy 2004 format, bound by a 900x600mm rectangle.

We do not cut metal.

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