Laser cutting and design work for the introduction to the BBC's World Cup 2018 covergae. Blink ink. Attic Blue.

An experienced, friendly and reasonably-priced laser-based workshop in north London offering quality laser cutting and laser etching of designs in a range of materials as well as design and development of client concepts.

We're aimed at humans with ideas — designers, artists, creators, hobbyists and makers; People in design, film and animation, fashion, advertising, marketing and PR.

Whilst we don't only work for large companies, a few of the well-known brands we've been entrusted with over the years include John Lewis, the Design Museum, V&A, BBC, ITV, Microsoft, Jack Daniels, O2, Unilever, Twinings, Holly Fulton & Converse.

  • — Laser cutting & etching since 2008
  • — Wood, MDF, Perspex, Card, Leather, etc
  • — Artworking and Design work services
  • — Brand-aware & discrete
  • — Detailed, finished pieces & single or short runs
  • — Mockups, tests & Prototyping

Want a price? Email your design along with quantities and material specifications to


We can use your own design files or we can help create or convert your sketches and ideas to a final product or prototype.

We're a bit nerdy in some ways, and have got a got a knack for offering useful advice and processes. We loathe waste and we dislike inefficiencies — this means we're keen to suggest cheaper or alternate options where we can.

  • — Item Branding
  • — Film & Animation detail
  • — Stencils
  • — Point of Sale
  • — Wood etching
  • — Signage
  • — Leather & Fabric cutting
  • — Packaging prototypes
  • — Rubber stamp making
  • — Paper cutting
  • — Window dressing

We leverage over 20 years design industry experience to offer a start-to-end service for your project.

Not sure if we can do what you want? — email and ask!

Would you like to browse through some examples?


Prices are complex things in our line, but we do everything we can to keep it simple for you and come by the fairest price, so the easiest and quickest thing to do is send us an email with your designs or an explanation of what it is you want making and we'll get back to you with a cost or a few questions to arrive at one.

On one hand we discount for more time on the machine, on the other we often have to convert files or develop a client's ideas. Then there are materials, setup and handling... all of which we recognise as being as important to your work as the lasering process itself. This makes it hard to answer on the site here "X will cost Y" and it would be a disservice to you to suggest otherwise.

Machine time

We have a minimum charge of £25 and our machine costs are calculated on a sliding scale, based upon the size of your project.

As an example, a single hour's machine time would cost £45.

Day and week rates available.

Design & labour

Basic conversions are free.

Artworking and complex conversions, as well as manual preparation such as staining or painting is charged at £12.50 p/h.

Design work is £20 p/h.


We use Royal Mail for smaller packages and UPS for larger ones to the United Kingdom (and International) on a signed-for service.

If you're local, you're more than welcome to pop in and pick your pieces up too!


Send enquiries, along with files and any material & quantity specifications to:

Filetypes for completed designs:
Laser-cut: Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Vector PDF, CAD*.
Laser-etch: High res bitmaps including PSD, BMP, JPG, TIFF etc.
Laser cutting & Etching is best done with Adobe Illustrator/EPS or CAD.

Click here to download a template for Adobe illustrator.

For outline sketches etc:
JPG or a camera phone pic will suffice.

* Please save DWG files (etc) in a legacy 2004 format, bound by a 900x600mm rectangle.

We do not cut metal.
No, really—we can't!

New River Studios,
199e Eade Road,
London, UK
N4 1DN

Visits by appointment only.
Weekdays 10am >

We're based in Haringey, North London — just a nip away from Islington, Hackney, Central.

Nearest Tube is Manor House, on the Piccadilly Line. Nearby bus routes: 253, 254, 257, 259

07415 800 940

Some recent news...

June 2018

BBC Russian World Cup Intro

We worked closely with BlinkInk and Attic Blue – two names synonymous with stupid-good animation and set-building for broadcast – helping design and cut fundamental components for the 'Russian Stitching machine' seen at the beginning and end of the introduction to this year's coverage of the Russian World Cup.

This is going to be all over the telly for the next few months!

We've previously worked with BlinkInk on a number of projects, including John Lewis' much-beloved Hare & Bear advert a few years back:

We've also enjoyed a close working relationship with Attic Blue over the years, who are *fab* at building complex and beautiful sets at any number of scales, from human size to ... well, not-so-human size. A recent job for them was cutting details which they then worked their magic on, creating a life-like scale building for an advert for Pilgrim's Cheese:

May 2018

GDPR blah blah

We don't maintain a database of email contacts, we don't have a mailing list or anything involving subscriptions – we only keep relevant email correspondence (ie. what you specifically send us for getting a job or quotation fulfilled) as required by British law and as is allowed (indeed, expected) under GDPR.

In fact, we've decided to take this opportunity to strip out our only tracking 'cookie', which was supplied by Google as is done on many (most!) websites. We only need to know what our traffic volume is and roughly where it comes from (eg. approximate geographical zones) which can be fulfilled by using traditional ye olde web statistics. These data are really none of Google's business, so we nixed them. We can't identify you from this information, so GDPR does not apply.

There are other more insidious forms of user-tracking including javascript packages (we use as little javascript as possible on this site) and fonts 'generously' hosted by the likes of Google. These are 'dark means' of user-tracking, and we don't use them.

You are not a product; We are not a product – we're all just humans trying to get along and do our thing. The sooner we can get back to having an open internet without egregious user tracking, superfluous advertising & walled gardens (looking at you, Facebook/Instagram) the better, as far as we're concerned.

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